Employee Termination

Step 1:

Go to Employees-> View Employees--> Select the Employee for whom the termination process has to be started.

Step 2:

Go to the Terminate/Resign/Rehire Tile. Click on "Terminate" Button

Step 3:

Upon clicking on the "Terminate" button, User will be directed to the first step of the termination process.

Step 4:

In 1st step of termination process,The user needs to choose the date of termination.

Step 5:

If user selects the Last working day as before the current date, then a form will be displayed asking for the details like Reason, Notes/Comments.

Step 6:

If user selects Last working day as future date then a form will be displayed asking for the details like Reason, Notes/Comments, Automate Termination Process.

{info} If User selects Automate termination process to "Yes" then the employee will be terminated automatically on the day of termination else User needs to terminate the employee manually on the day of termination.

Step 7:

After entering the details user needs to click on Step 2 button to proceed to the second step of the termination process.

Step 8:

In 2nd step of termination process, the user can choose an option to run settlement or not for the Terminated employee and the user can view the last run payroll details of the employee before choosing the settlement option.

{primary} Note: If an employee resigned or terminated after working five full years of service with a single employer then gratuity will be calculated for those employees while doing settlement. Gratuity Formula: (Basic + Dearness Allowance x Total years of service x 15/26).

Step 9:

If User selects No option then Settlement will not be run for the employee. If User selects Yes option then Settlement will be run for the employee from the last run payroll to till the termination date and saved in draft status.

{primary} Settlement process will be run for the entire pay period. If the termination date falls in the middle of the month then the User needs to count the rest of the days after the termination date as loss of paydays while running the settlement.

Step 10:

After selecting the desired option, User needs to click on Step 3 button to proceed further with the process.

Step 11:

In 3rd step of termination process, User can choose the option to generate the Forms to the employee or not. If the option Yes is selected then user needs to enter the Employee's email to which the Forms like Form 3A, Form 13, Form 16 and Form 19 will be sent. Now click on Step 4 to continue further.

Step 12:

In the last step of termination process, the User will take to the Termination Summary step. After reviewing the summary, User needs to click on the Submit button to complete the termination process.

Step 13: Upon clicking on Submit button, a success message will be displayed to the User.